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Welcome to the introduction of Enrico's drum school. On this page we will offer you the possibilty of triyng one of the last course. If you like you can write to Enrico a feedback and let he know about your progress. We provide also the option to organize online chat sessions in Italian or English languages with Enrico focusing on various drumming topics. These sessions can cover anything from sight-reading, hand technique, coordination, rhythms or playing specific songs. So simply let me know about any question or information.


Importance of Coordination

In this course we will explore the foundation of drumming: lower extremity coordination. Since the coordination between hands and feet is the core of the instrument, We decided to create a course where initially there are exercises write for the feet, but you can interpretate the method and invert feet with the hands and viceversa if you prefer to improve the hands's technique.
Drumming requires precise coordination between your hands and feet. A solid foundation of coordination is essential for playing fluidly and expressively. You will perform exercises to develop independence and precision.


The basics of solfeggio and sheet music reading are needed. Please ask if you have any doubts regarding this Let's keep in touch. Ask for advice, clarification or support at any time. If you are tinking about buying the drums, take the time, you don’t need the drums for perform the exercises, you can beat the feet on the floor! Otherwise if you want you can clap your hands also, or if you prefer to perform the exercises using the drumm sticks we raccomend you to buy a practice pad! Double pedal or two kick drums could be your last step if you prefer.


Practice and Progress

The key to success is consistent practice. Monitor your progress and adjust the exercises accordingly. . It’s time to setting up your path scheduling which exercises works better for you and how many time can you spend per week on it and how many repetitions per day. Try for free the last course that We have prepare for you watching the supporting videos bellow, if you like you can purchase “Double Pedal For Beginners” drum method.


Thanks for being here today. We hope this course helps you develop a solid coordination foundation to become extraordinary drummers. Let us know if you have any question or doubt.


Check out the New Method! New Course available!

Double Pedal For Beginners

Practice workouts for the lower limbs coordination and

basic principles for beginners

The new aproach consists in starting to play the drums also with the feet

- Enrico


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Double Pedal For Beginners - No drums required

Welcome to the Drum Course "Double Pedal For Beginners", a drum course made for those that wants improve your coordination skills. The new aproach consists in starting to play the drums also with the feet. We recommend 3 execution modes for each exercise: 1 - playing on the Floor with your feet and clapings the hands. 2 - playing on the practice pad with the sticks. 3 - playing on the drums Remember that not to have drums is not an issue. The drums is not necessary: you can beat your feet on the floor, as we will show in the videos bellow. The only requirement is the skill of reading simple music sheet and the preliminary note subdivision: quarter notes, eighths notes, sixteenth. Please don't be scare about that and simple contact me if you have any doubt or trouble. Enjoy the course, Enrico

Course Video

No drums required pt 1

Course Video

No drums required pt 2
Double Pedal For Beginners

The method is about 80 pages course containing: - Preliminary rudiments – Mixtures of single and double strokes (“stickings”) – Exercises for the coordination and the indipendence (“tricky” workouts). This digital purchase has also the demostration videos of the rudiments section extracted from the book.

Purchase also the phisical book on Amazon: Double Pedal For Beginners: Practice workouts for the lower limbs coordination and basic principles for beginners

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